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Patrick Vaessens is a conductor, artistic director and above all an enthusiastic music teacher. On a daily basis he works with choirs, singers and orchestras, professionally as well as on a amateur level. Thanks to his master degree in choral conducting and many collaborations with singers and instrumentalists, a great fascination for vocal music has arisen: an interplay of word and sound. (That's where the real expression begins!) The music that composers create touches the heart and soul of the audience. His challenge lies in achieving a vital harmony with transparency and expressiveness.


On January 24, 2021, Patrick was a guest on the radio program L1 Blaaskracht. Listen to the interview here, in which presenter Emil Szarkowicz listens to music together with Patrick and talks about his fascination for music and the voice.

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Patrick graduated with distinction for his study of Music Education (2011) and achieved high results for his Master in Choral Conducting (2015) at the Maastricht Conservatory. His graduation thesis was awarded the "Knowledge in Business Prize 2011" by Hogeschool Zuyd.


He is assistant artistic director of the baroque ensemble Ad Mosam BaRock and chef conductor of the vocal ensemble Lingua e Musica. During the season of 2017-2018, he was selected for NKK NXT, the talent development program of the Dutch chamber choir. Furthermore at the historical event Heiligdomsvaart in Maastricht - Opera in Church, he was the choir conductor of the performance of Handels Messiah. In addition, he is a regular guest conductor / repetitor at Philips Philharmonic Choir in Eindhoven, Sinfonischer Chor in Aachen, Cappella in Breda and the Brabants chamber choir.


His passion lies in captivating young people and enthusiasts for the magic of song and theater. Currently he works as a music teacher at the Stella Maris College. Before this job, he was a teacher of percussion technique and choir training at the Maastricht Conservatory. Besides being a teacher, he works on several projects as a singer (bass-baritone) with chamber choir Studium Chorale. As a conductor, he attended master classes at home and abroad with, among others, Daniel Reuss and Frieder Bernius.


He has immersed himself in achieving a lively and relaxed choral sound, without voices losing their own identity. Imagination and physiology are an important means for him to realize an ideal sound image.


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